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Falling Hearts

Falling Hearts


It was like the autumn leaves falling,
When, my heart fell blue
Like the child separated from the mother,
My Soul was separated too


It wasn’t always like this, you know
I still remember those beautiful days, and this is how
You made my heart sing,
like the hum humming pretty birds
Overwhelmed by your sweetness,
I was lost for words
I fluttered like a butterfly
Flying so freely, I wasn’t shy
I was in clover,
When I breathed Your Name
Over and over


But it’s all my fault you left
And the night you did, I hadn’t slept
I thought about everything else but You
Overpowered by my desires,
I started to pursue
So much so that I stopped breathing You,
stopped remembering You
I stopped loving You.
And now you have gone,
I don’t know what to do.


I close my eyes at night
Hoping you will feel my plight
My heart has fallen far
Like the burnt out shooting star
Please forgive my past mistakes
I will do whatever it takes
In your hands is my destiny
So I don’t know if it’s meant to be
But I pray that one day,
You will come Home to stay
And the day this dream comes true,
Will be the day I will be One with You.